Unlimited Wealth - South Africa 2019

Unlimited Wealth - South Africa 2019

Wealth Masters - South Africa 2019

Wealth Masters - South Africa 2019

Unlimited Wealth - South Africa 2019

Event Date: Jun 1, 2019
Past Event
As low as SXL 20.00


 Announcing: The Unlimited Wealth 20/20 Summit…

World’s Leading Financial Strategist (Who Predicted 11 Major Market Crashes) Wants To Hand You His Proven, Low Risk “Wealth 2.0" Trading & Investing Formula To Create, Grow and Sustain Wealth In An Ever-Changing Economy

See Exactly How Our Students Are Achieving An Extra R 20,000 - R 70,000+ Cashflow Per Month With This Simple Technique As Shown Live On TV That You Can Learn In 60 Minutes Or Less!


Learn the insider copy/paste formula for boosting your monthly income from the man who government officials and royal families listen to.

Create 'unlimited wealth' for your future, your freedom and your family even if you have zero trading or investing experience.

Importantly, rapidly transform your financial situation without having to learn complicated trading techniques that take hundreds if not thousands of hours to master.



A Rare Opportunity to Learn From One of the Savviest, Most Elite and Exclusive -- Financial Strategists on the Planet

Discover how to secure lucrative daily and monthly gains from the current market volatility from a master who has predicted its movements for several decades with insane accuracy…


When the markets begins to plummet, most people wait for economists to crunch the numbers…

 Days pass.

 Weeks pass.

Only then can you confirm what you already know --


                 You’re in the Middle of a Recession


You’ve already been feeling the sting at the gas pump for weeks.

Your life savings have already been slaughtered…

Many of your colleagues have already been laid off -- or perhaps you were the one who got the axe…

But by the time you wait for all the experts to agree -- 


                                     It’s Too Late…


The market insiders have already made off with huge profits.

The problem with this scenario is that you were the the last person on the “information food chain.”

If you get your financial advice from the radio, the newspaper, or for TV... then you inevitably miss out on the miraculous and life-changing opportunities available to you.


                                  But not for long…


Speaking exclusively at the Wealth 2.0 Conference, Sandy will show you how to leverage the massive trends and opportunities that currently exist in the global markets so you can create an additional stream of effortless income or really build and secure massive wealth for yours and your family's future.

Having been involved with the financial markets for over 33 years and widely respected and recognised as one of the world’s leading analysts and trainers, thousands of students from UK, Europe, USA to Asia have enjoyed and benefited from applying Sandy’s trading strategies.

His insights have been featured in leading media outlets such as The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Barron’s, The Australian Financial Journal, Futures Magazine, Shares Magazine, Dow Jones News, Reuters TV and The BBC.

He has also spoken at Oxford University as the first keynote guest on Technical Analysis. Focused on safer trading and risk control, Sandy will share proven trading strategies which best suit your needs and trading style so you can generate more potential profits for your trading business.



The Man Hailed With 20/20 Market Vision Is Bringing The Most Anticipated Wealth Event Of 2019 To Your City!

In 2005, Sandy warned investors about a coming property market crash. He made his forecast at various speaking events in China, New York, and Dubai.

Over 5500 people attended, listened and Sandy was invited back to China once he was proven right again.

Eight weeks later, that market crashed.

In July 2015, Sandy warned investors on CNBC that something big would happen on August 18.

"Be prepared to bank profits and stand aside." He said.

Come August 18, the Dow Jones Index lost 2,198 points (-12.5%) in four trading days.

Next, Sandy told CNBC on August 28, 2015, that "there would be a further decline commencing on September 14 or 17, 2015.

 And again, the Dow Jones fell 991 points (-5.8%) over eight trading days.

In October and November 2015, he made another forecast live on CNBC...

"January 4, 2016 would face a bearish mood and see the markets fall despite the bullish consensus on Wall Street."

On that date, US markets and other global indexes plummeted. The Dow Jones shaved off 1955 points (-11.2%) over 11 trading days.

Last month, Sandy told Business Insider there was an "80% probability of lower [oil] prices from July 2 to August 18."

This was Sandy's fifth prediction. And the charts matched the same pattern for the dates he provided.

Would you like to know exactly how Sandy profits from his forecasts?

Want to know what his next forecasts will be for the Markets, Property, Gold and Oil, and moe

importantly how YOU can profit from it?

At the Unlimited Wealth 20/20 conference, Sandy will show you exactly how to start trading within 24 hours -- what strategies, signals and dates to pay attention to for Immediate Income.

Learn exactly how ordinary people have now earned profits between R 9000 - R 3,60,000 in less than one month.



Why You Absolutely Must Attend

Unlimited Wealth 20/20:


Copy & Paste

Proven Systems.

Fast Profits

Generate Profits

Within Minutes.

Sustain Wealth

Create, Grow

& Sustain Wealth

With personal debt in the UK is at a record high of R 26 trillion, the average adult in the country now owes R10,21,441.

Bankruptcies are also at a 6-year high in the country, which means that more people than ever are struggling to make ends meet.

Many people now face the possibility of bailiffs being able to break into their homes and take possessions by force.

In the wake of Brexit and future massive economic upheavals, how are you going to ensure your financial future?

Unlimited Wealth 20/20 is the only place you can go to learn from such an esteemed group of technical and investing thought leaders.

We’re dedicated to helping you find an investment strategy that fits your style, time-commitment, and risk tolerance, so you start getting better returns on your money as soon as humanly possible.

Normally, Sandy’s advice is only available to insider round table groups or high net worth individuals, leading brokers and brokerages. And he may never speak at an event like this one again, so it’s truly one of a kind.

But when you reserve your ticket to Unlimited Wealth 20/20, you’ll get exclusive access to the knowledge, wisdom, and 33 years of experience that have helped Sandy accurately predict 11 different stock market crashes.


When You Attend Unlimited Wealth 20/20, You Will Discover:


  •      How to prepare for and profit from the next important turning dates coming in 2018 + 2019
  •      The exact dates you will need to be aware for Major moves on FTSE 100 and Dow Jones
  •      Important outlooks for the British Pound, Euro, Gold and Oil
  •      What's in store for Property, Stocks or 'Crypto' for 2019? Discover the critical signs pointing to a major downturn and how you can profit & protect your assets.
  •      The brand new Intra-day trading strategy that can potentially generate R 3500 – R 7000 each day
  •      New strategies on how to create your own personal retirement fund with proven results
  •      Step-by-step techniques on how to Enter and Exit trades with precision and very low risk
  •      How to copy and paste 2 numbers and bank an extra 1-2k/month in less than 60 seconds
  •      How to create your own economy and trade with nothing but your mobile phone
  •      How to beat the banks and earn 1 - 2% gains a month on your capital
  •      And much more… 

The Ultimate Conference If You Want To Secure And Grow Your Wealth Exponentially

1. Beat The Banks

With interest rates from your local bank at an all-time low (even lower than the inflation rate) the idle money in your savings account is actually burning a hole in your pocket.

Come join us at the Unlimited Wealth 20/20 conference, where Professional Traders with Industry Experience will show you how to put the returns from your bank to shame!

You’ll be amazed by how much easier life is -- how much of an extra pep you’ll have in your step -- when your money works harder to make you rich through the unbeatable and miraculous power of compounding interest!


2. Forecasting The Market

When you attend the Unlimited Wealth 20/20 conference, experienced and qualified experts from the investing and business world will reveal how you can get started with simple but effective investing, trading and wealth creation strategies that you can apply immediately.

Sandy will reveal how you can leverage his powerful insider blueprints. He will literally show you specific points to enter a trade and specific points to sell and exit on a trade so you do not have to spend hundreds of hours mastering complicated technical analysis and charting patterns!

3. Protect Your Wealth

Learn how to manage risk and protect your assets in today’s economy for tomorrow’s future.

With so much risk and volatility associated with the world of investing, it seems there’s an infinite number of ways to go broke.

There are also countless ways to lose money without ever investing in the first place: recessions, layoffs, inflation, interest rates, transaction fees, over-spending, etc.

The Unlimited Wealth 20/20 conference will show you the #1 skill that most people can’t seem to grasp -- how to actually hold on to your money and personal wealth.

4. Redefine Your Future

Get equipped for the New Economy and New Money World as we see fast growth companies offering the potential to build sustainable wealth.

Don't get left behind. Instead get educated with today’s proven experts and leaders.

What’s at stake is nothing less than your potential, your future, and your legacy. How will you live in your old age? Will you live a remarkable life? And will you leave behind a remarkable legacy?

Once implemented, the strategies you learn at the Unlimited Wealth 20/20 conference will be the single most powerful step that you can take toward securing your future.




Sandton Convention Centre

161 Maude St, Sandown, Sandton, 2196, South Africa


1 - 2 June 2019, Saturday & Sunday, 9AM - 6PM