Quantum Leap - Europe 2019

Quantum Leap - Europe 2019

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Wealth Master with Robert Kiyosaki - Poland, Warsaw

Wealth Master with Robert Kiyosaki - Poland, Warsaw

Quantum Leap - Europe 2019

Event Date: Feb 21, 2024
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Increase Income Increase Net Worth Greater Self-Knowledge Sense of Peace More Satisfying Relationships

The Quantum Leap program expands your power to excel across all areas of your life through an unparalleled series of courses, camps, and workshops.


There is no other personal development program like it anywhere. Be prepared for the most exhilarating journey of your life; a journey to the highest peaks of your potential.

 Over the course of your program you will stretch, grow and blossom as you realize your inner power, accessing deep reservoirs of knowledge and releasing hidden blocks that distract you from living your ultimate life.


Through the strategically designed curriculum, you will discover radical new ideas, breakthrough processes and practical tools that allow you to experience a more abundant, inspired and joyful life.


How to Create Wealth Quickly in Any Business You Choose (5 Day Intensive)

DATE: 2020


This powerful program will provide you with all the strategies you need for high-speed success in any business.

Most people go into business to make a living, Guerrilla Business Intensive will show you how to create streams of passive income in your life time.